Vox ac4c1

KAOS Music Guitar Manager Lou Roppoli shows off an awesome sounding little amp by Vox. Guitar Combo Power: W (Class A), Speaker: 1x VX1 Controls for gain, bass, treble, and master volume, Tubes: 2x 12AXand 1x EL8 Connector for . Vox AC10CCustom, bought Vox AC10CCustom, €529.

Vox AC4C-Classic, bought Vox AC4C-Classic . Outfitted with vintage appeal, the AC4C-BL mini combo amp is . Liten kompakt gitar forsterker! Med et register fra massiv crunch til skimrende rent er Top Boost-soundet selve basisen for .

Custom Celestion VXspeaker in rich, blue vinyl and Tygon fret . Famous for its ability to achieve classic VOX tone at low volume levels, the ACis one of the most popular amps in VOX ¿s lineup. An ideal choice for the home . Free delivery on eligible orders. Capable of massive crunch or the clean, . Among the various VOX tube amps, the AChas remained one of the most popular over the.

Our tube replacement kits are made for your amp and come in different option levels. Classic Vox all valve class-A vintage tone from this small amp combo, the AC4Cin the blue tolex covering gets its rich sound from the single ELand 12AX7 . The AC4C-now delivers this unbeatable sound .

The Vox AC4cis an ideal choice for musicians looking to get that famous Vox sound at home or in the studio. Wenn Hersteller wissen, wie man Röhrenverstärker baut, dann auf jeden Fall der Traditionshersteller Vox. Und der kleine AC4C-zeigt eindrucksvoll, wie es . Sounds great for cleans, blues, classic rock, and alt rock.

So naturally when the AC4Ccame out, I ignored it. I might just put the stock speaker ( Vox Bulldog) back in there. Great for recording, small gigs, and annoying the neighbors!

VOX AC4C-BL 4w All-Tube Guitar Amp.