Vox ac4c1 12

Among the various VOX tube amps, the AChas . Vox ACC1-with Inch Speaker. Guitar Combo Power: W (Class A), Speaker: 1x VX1 Controls for gain, bass, treble, and master volume, Tubes: 2x 12AXand 1x EL8 Connector for .

The Many Colors of the AC4CLimited Edition Amps. It was covered in tan vinyl with. Wenn Hersteller wissen, wie man Röhrenverstärker baut, dann auf jeden Fall der Traditionshersteller Vox. Und der kleine AC4C- zeigt eindrucksvoll, wie es .

Free delivery on eligible orders. Famous for its ability to achieve classic VOX tone at low volume levels, the AC4. An ideal choice for the home or . Buy one today at Andertons music. Vox Amplification has announced three Special Edition versions of its current, popular guitar amplifiers.

Now available in White Bronco . Een van de populairste tube amps van VOX is de AC4. VOX AC4C1は、数ある VOX チューブ・アンプの中でも最も小型で、家庭用. La Boîte Noire du Musicien, plus grand réseau de magasins de musique de France, vous présente son produit Vox – AC4C1-12.

VOX hat im Rahmen eines Updates der AC Custom Serie auch dem kleinen AC4C- eine Frischzellenkur verpasst. Auffälligste Neuerung ist dabei die . Our tube replacement kits are made for your amp and come in different option levels. Find your new gear at Max Guitar.

The biggestguitar outlet store in the Benelux. Is anybody using either of these amps as their bedroom amp? I like the price of the AC4C- and the reverb on the AC10.

Im deciding which of these two would benefit me best. I normally play clean or slightly crunchy overdriven. I mainly plan on using the amp to.

I have owned it from new and its been well looked after.