Maze hanger

The hook fits nicely in your hallway, your bedroom or bathroom. The interior hook fits great in your hallway, your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom for storage. With its scandinavian design the hook fits as storage in the hallway, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

The coat hanger is inspired by nature and fits the hall, bedroom and office. Smart storage solution from Maze. The clothes hanger can easily store coats, clothes and hats.

Available in colors of black and white.

A stylish hanger for the hall, the bedroom, the bathroom or the kitchen. Mazes kreative designere design miljøvennlige og høy kvalitet interiør produkter som passer inn i. Made in white lacquered metal and eight wooden knobs. Interiørbutikk på Stabekk med over års lidenskap til unikt interiør. Vi fører også de heteste merkene av klær og tilbehør.

Buddy metal wire coat hanger and is available in white and black. The Kolte series consist of neat and smart storage solutions . A short distance down the hall he realizes that he has no idea where the hanger level is. Maze Twig Hanger hängare hvit.

He taxied to the private jet hanger. Henry wants me to fly back to Tetterboro and await his orders. Our joist hanger and connector nails ar compatible with major brands of structural connectors. Create your own forest with the Branch Hanger.

Made of beautiful white powder coated metal wire and designed by Louise Hederstroem for Swedish design . Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Mazes creative designers creates eco-friendly and high-quality interiordesign. Designed by Gustav Rosen for Maze.

The handy run of five coat hooks is a . Now that our wire hanger is all preppe time to bend the maze into shape. The surface decoration on hangers belonging to this group is restricted to floral.