Mart stam

Stam was extraordinarily well-connecte and his. With his prototype row house for the Weissenhof housing estate, . Finn og lagre ideer om Mart stam på Pinterest.

Se flere ideer om Marcel breuer, Bauhaus og Eames. Under påvirkning av russisk . Reyner Banham called him the mystery man of modern architecture. Stam commissioned her to document all of his projects, interiors and exteriors, throughout Frankfurt.

Mart Stam var arkitekt og formgiver. This society consisted mostly of . Extraordinarily well-connecte he is widely credited with huge . Metal windows, opening outwar up to ceiling . Sale on line of Mart stam chair, Cantilever Chairs, Laccio Table buy directly from the factory the great masters of Bauhaus furniture. All infos and retailers in your city.

Purmeren d Goldach, Switzerlan Dutch architect, urban planner, designer, theorist and. Gordon International – Stam Collection . Project for office block in Konigsberg 1El Lissitsky and Mart .

In furniture design, he is widely . Browse through recent auction or all past auction on artnet. His aesthetically pure tubular steel cantilever chair (a chair that has no back legs) indeed changed the . He used pieces of grey tubular steel, connected each other by “L” joints, . Chair with chromium-plated or painted frame. Hide leather seat and back, sewed or with laces. Mål SH:Klikk på linken Til nettbutikk for mer informasjon, samt .